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3 years ago
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Why we’re building Zeno

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Why we’re building Zeno

Written By Sealy Laidlaw
  • Production Era

Propelling the energy industry toward a more trusted, data-driven, and sustainable future


The oil and gas sector plays a crucial role in the US economy today. Responsible for nearly 8% of America’s GDP, the industry provides vital energy security and directly supports over 12 million jobs. It also faces intense scrutiny as it is seen as both a root cause of significant environmental issues, as well as a key player in the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

At Zeno, we’re setting out to empower the sector to perform better today, and transition more successfully to a brighter future tomorrow. Here’s how.


We are in the Production Era

Where once energy companies were valued on land potential and top-line growth, today they are valued on proven reserves and bottom-line free cash flow. What matters now is not being the best at exploration, geology, and land acquisition, but how efficiently an operator can optimize extraction and streamline operational processes to generate consistent returns. It’s a new era, with new rules to achieve business success.


It takes a new playbook to thrive in the Production Era

Energy companies that are successfully shifting their focus from ‘front office’ exploration to ‘back office’ business performance are doing so by creating a new playbook that is built on four key pillars:

  1. ASSET OPTIMIZATION, not a race for land
  2. INFORMED STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS, not relying on oil strike ‘pay-offs’
  3. MULTI-DISCIPLINED, LEAN TEAMS, not bloated headcounts
  4. MEANINGFUL INCLUSION OF ESG, not lip service


Legacy tools are holding business back

Leadership teams need to run their businesses by the numbers to make the new playbook work. But most investments by energy sector players in analytics software in the past have gone into ‘front-office’ exploration—and these tools weren’t built to optimize the back-office. As a result, key personnel across finance and functional teams are pulling 80+ hour weeks as they try—and often fail—to stitch together critical business numbers in a timely and accurate manner from a patchwork of legacy tools. It’s a situation that is simply unsustainable.


What if companies always knew their real business numbers?

How big a difference would it make if, instead of huge volumes of poorly validated numbers coming in from the business ad hoc —and long hours spent verifying them—leadership teams always had the real business numbers they need at hand?

With real and timely numbers, these leaders could always:

  • Know their true business performance
  • Invest capital in only the highest-value projects and investments
  • Understand how changes in market dynamics could impact their business
  • Effectively evaluate new acquisition and divestiture opportunities
  • Consistently incorporate ESG measures

Armed with this information, energy companies can transition from constantly reacting to changes in data and forecasts to instead having the clarity and time needed to plan ahead, make informed strategic bets, and ultimately take pivotal steps toward a more sustainable future.


This is why we’re building Zeno, the Energy Operating System for the Production Era

Instead of a patchwork of tools and processes, we believe that companies need a true operating system approach that makes it possible for them to run their business by the numbers. This is why we’re building Zeno’s new Energy Operating System, which is designed from the ground up as a solution that empowers leadership teams to drive business performance by knowing and leveraging their real numbers.

Zeno works by connecting the entire business through data, automating repetitive tasks, and ensuring that real-time insights are always at hand to enable faster, smarter decision-making.


The starting point is Reserve Economics

We’ve started by unlocking the critical relationship between Reservoir Engineering and Finance. This relationship lies at the heart of energy company performance. With the capabilities we have built into Zeno’s Energy Operating System, these two teams can finally truly work together collaboratively to capture current and future production numbers and convert them into cash flow forecasts and portfolio valuations whenever they are needed. Even better, Zeno’s Energy Operating System lets customers make this information available in a wide variety of formats tailored for specific audiences, as well as enabling direct sharing both internally and externally.


Our mission is to create a data-driven, more sustainable industry

Starting with our objective of empowering customers to make smarter, faster decisions, our ultimate goal is nothing less than connecting the entire energy industry through data. In knowing the real numbers, together, we can make the critical business decisions that are needed, and transition the industry towards a brighter, more sustainable future.


Want to get involved?

If you’re an energy company leader, investor, or industry partner and you’re excited by our mission and want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Together, we have the opportunity to advance this industry in ways not previously possible.



Zeno’s Energy Operating System was built from the ground up to connect the entire business through data, surfacing key insights for smarter, faster decision-making. Learn how Zeno helps businesses thrive in the new market realities of the Production Era by getting in touch.


Sealy Laidlaw
Sealy Laidlaw
Fmr CEO, Zeno Technologies


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