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The numbers you need, when you need them

From black box operations and one-off reports to data transparency and real-time information.

With Zeno you can easily see and validate production, pricing and expense assumptions, create your own cash flow forecasts, and quickly make changes to assess different market conditions.

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waterfall analysis

Create up-to-date cash flow forecasts whenever you need them

Run reserves for any number of wells for any duration in minutes. Roll up cash flows to understand performance for a group of wells or your whole portfolio, all without involving your reservoir engineering team. Easily run side-by-side scenario analyses by adjusting production, pricing, expense, and ownership assumptions so you can quickly react to changing market dynamics.

Assess acquisition and divestiture opportunities

Easily import data so you can analyze new acquisition opportunities or share information about existing assets. Understand the assumptions that were used and make adjustments as needed. Run cash flow forecasts based on performance expectations and value opportunities within the context of your broader asset portfolio.

layered interactive map

Strengthen fundraising with collateral that is easy to create and share

Visually represent assets through interactive maps and dashboards. Build investor models and directly populate your virtual data room (VDR). Securely share materials across internal and external stakeholders with our enhanced permissioning model.

Create custom assumption models

Share performance metrics with internal and external parties

Deliver executive summaries to internal and external stakeholders using simple, fully configurable dashboards. Directly share information with external audiences through Zeno, leveraging our robust permissioning model. Allow other parties to make adjustments to projects while keeping track of changes using Zeno’s audit and versioning capabilities. And visualize changes using dynamic waterfall charts and advanced visualizations.

Visually represent your portfolio

Inform your capital allocation decisions using visual representations of your entire portfolio. Quickly see where you own acreage, have a working interest, or are operating wells.

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