Reservoir Engineer

Run in real-time

Say goodbye to wasted hours and days waiting for analyses to run and hello to real-time forecasting.

Zeno's unified Energy Operating System connects data from every part of the business, running powerful analyses fast, so you have time to build consensus before sharing easily digestible outputs with your executive team.

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Generate forecasts for every well in your portfolio

Combine actuals and forecasts to create a complete view of well performance. Leverage producing well characteristics to generate type curve areas and production forecasts. Dynamically associate these characteristics and forecasts with hypothetical wells.

waterfall analysis

Run scenarios any time, not just quarterly

Easily access data from every part of your business without the need to involve other parties. Refresh existing analyses in minutes, not hours, or even days. Build ad hoc scenarios to address changes to market conditions. Easily compare multiple scenarios against each other with a simple web interface. Visualize changes using waterfall charts and configurable dashboards.

permission model

Work with your counterparts to align on the numbers

Share information with internal and external stakeholders directly through Zeno, leveraging our robust permissioning model. Drastically shorten the feedback loop by allowing other parties to directly make adjustments, all while keeping track of changes using Zeno’s audit and versioning capabilities.

layered interactive map

Identify future opportunities by visualizing your portfolio

View your entire portfolio, define type curve areas based on well characteristics, shapefiles, or custom polygons, or drill into an individual well through our intuitive mapping interface.

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