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2 years ago
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Zeno Technologies Creates Pioneer Customer Program for Energy Businesses Ready to Run on Real-Time Insights

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Zeno Technologies Creates Pioneer Customer Program for Energy Businesses Ready to Run on Real-Time Insights

  • Energy Pioneers
  • Production Era

Company Seeks Energy Industry Trailblazers to Help Lead the Way in the Production Era


December 7, 2021 – Austin, TX – Zeno Technologies today unveiled its new Pioneer customer program to partner with trailblazing organizations to help build a more trusted future for the energy industry by enabling smarter decisions through data-driven business insight. The program – specially designed for businesses eager to embrace new technologies – will offer up to 10 companies a curated package of Pioneer benefits, including early access to new product features, enhanced customer support, C-level engagement with Zeno’s leadership team, direct input into product development, and special networking opportunities for virtual & in-person collaboration with fellow energy industry Pioneers.

The initial cohort of Zeno’s Pioneer program will be selected to represent a mix of regions, sizes and strategies, with the goal of empowering them to work in a more efficient, trusted and collaborative manner. With early and enhanced access to Zeno’s advanced toolset, the inaugural cohort of Zeno’s Pioneer program will be ahead of the curve in adopting the latest technology to enable faster, smarter business decisions and gain a leg up on their competitors.


“We know that there are people out there who are deeply frustrated by the status quo,” said Zeno’s CEO, Sealy Laidlaw. “These people are working incredibly hard to understand their business numbers so they can make smarter, more timely decisions, but current technologies are holding them back. Our Pioneer program is designed to work with them, build a better way together, and enable their businesses to become more successful, while strengthening the industry as a whole.”


Why Zeno?

Today’s energy-focused organizations often struggle to stitch together a patchwork of legacy tools in an attempt to combine production and market data to truly understand their business performance. Zeno’s Energy Operating System addresses this key pain point, bringing a new approach to this systemic issue. Using sophisticated data manipulation techniques to create a comprehensive view of their energy assets, Zeno for the first time gives leadership teams the ability to truly understand historical, current and expected future performance, all within a single platform. Further, businesses can identify and drill down into key business drivers and sensitivities. These insights empower energy leadership teams with newfound intelligence to hone the performance of their energy portfolio, make fully informed strategic decisions, and outmaneuver their competitors.


Why Now?

Zeno is launching this program at a pivotal time when the energy industry faces parallel challenges in terms of ensuring reliable supply at a reasonable economic cost today, while balancing external ESG pressures threatening to reshape the future of the industry. By accelerating the adoption of data-driven decision-making and helping more companies truly understand the commercial performance of their energy assets, Zeno aims to help these businesses successfully navigate these interlinked crises so they can thrive in the Production Era.


Zeno is accepting businesses into the Pioneer program on a rolling basis and will cap cohort admission at 10 qualified organizations. For more information, visit  or email


About Zeno Technologies

Zeno Technologies helps energy-focused businesses thrive in the Production Era. The company’s Energy Operating System is used by energy companies, investors and partners to drive business performance by connecting entire organizations through data on a common platform, delivering real-time insights so their businesses can run on real numbers instead of best estimates. Zeno is privately held and headquartered in Austin, TX. For more information, visit


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